July 22, 2014    Failure is just success rounded down  


Happy Pi Approximation Day, everyone!  Failure is just success rounded down.

I have this shirt, and I love to wear it when I feel like things might not go very well, but that I’m trying enough to not feel sorry about it.  Like in university I wore it to exams, and now sometimes I wear it to awkward social situations, or first dates.

Happy Pi Approximation day!

July 8, 2014    Welcome to Night Vale  

Wearing all of my Night Vale things for tonight’s live show! My derby name is Eternal Scout so it works out to a lot of things.

June 30, 2014

I donated blood for the first time today

Which was cool, because I used to be way too scared of a needle sitting in my arm for that amount of time, and it was totally fine.  But ALSO it made me realize that in certain points of my life, because of my sexual history, I have been ineligible to donate blood (which I realized on the way to my appointment, and had a frantic googling time on my phone because I couldn’t remember what the exact stipulations were, and if they would make me ineligible now, which it turns out they don’t).  And it made me think more about all the people I know that can never donate blood because of bullshit discriminatory policies.  And also when I got home I tried to find out how exactly they define “male” and “female” in the questions they ask (about who you’ve had sex with), and what if any policies there are about trans folks, and mostly just came upon this which is also a bunch of bullshit.

June 27, 2014


7:26pm    It's not perfect but it's getting closer   My taxes next year are going to be so complicated tho   DOING ALL OF THE THINGS  

Okay, I now have three sources of income coming up (two short-term casual, one part-time/on-call), now I just need one that’s solid to supplement and everything will be fine.  ALSO two of the things are with organizations I love and am legit excited to work with. (The other one is some shifts at my old job which is a low pressure situation so that’s nice).  


June 24, 2014
(My closing statement of an interview prep to-do list).
June 23, 2014


Today while I was getting ready for work I realized that if you are singing Fancy to your cat, you can change the words during Iggy’s name check to “Who dat? Who dat? K-I-T-T-Y,” so that was my criteria for a Good Day met then and there.

Singing this to Bo always from now on.

June 20, 2014


Really though. “Why do women say sorry so much? Why are women so insecure? Why are women so obsessed with their looks?” Turns out the answer is NEVER “because women are stupid and want their lives to be hard,” and ALWAYS “because fucking patriarchy.” “But why don’t women ask for raises more oft-” *wargs into a bear and eats your face*


June 17, 2014

Playlist: Oh Wow So I’m Starting All Over Then I Guess


Playlist: Oh Wow So I’m Starting All Over Then I Guess

feature image by natalia perez

Sometimes you’ve already decided what the rest of your life is going to look like and then something happens, like, for example, the breakup of a very long relationship with another human, and then you’re like oh wow, okay then, I should figure out some new plans?Except not immediately, obviously, because that is just too much to handle in general. Instead you…

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Another day, another Autostraddle playlist giving me all of the feels.

June 13, 2014
Drawing horses is hard. (Wrapping paper I made for Megan’s birthday present).

Drawing horses is hard. (Wrapping paper I made for Megan’s birthday present).