September 28, 2014    it's an expensive kind of self-care   but it's also the best  

A lot of my self-care this weekend has taken the form of tattoo planning.

September 26, 2014


maybe i should get a real job oh sorry that was a typo i meant be KE$HA

September 24, 2014    Words With Girls  


The pilot is here y’all

This is so great! Watch and vote for it to be on tv!

Brittani (who created, wrote, and stars in this) was one of my A-Camp cabin counsellors, and she is hella rad.

September 23, 2014    Chantal Kreviazuk   Stop Podcasting Yourself  

Today’s episode of Stop Podcasting Yourself sent me down a Chantal Kreviazuk youtube rabbit hole.

September 18, 2014
Best birthday cake. Thanks megannaise sherooblr

Best birthday cake. Thanks megannaise sherooblr

September 17, 2014    Nothing too gross happened   Thankfully   It was while I was jamming though   And I was not lead so I could not call it off   Derby  

Today I skated so hard that my diva cup popped out.

I’m so hardcore.

September 16, 2014    I also sang:   Don't stop believing (with my team)   Boots Or Hearts   You Give Love a Bad Name   Aaaaaand I Just Can't Wait to Be King from the Lion King with one of my teammmates   Self Esteem with two of my teammates  

Life Achievement Unlocked

Singing Do You Remember the First Time? by Pulp at karaoke.  Thank you Funky’s!  For having one of my favourite songs of all time.

September 13, 2014    Starting Tuesday   That's what I'll be doing  



and I would walk 500 dogs and I would walk 500 more

amylasegdala do you sing this while you’re at work? 

I should!

August 31, 2014    I just really love karaoke   And Buffyverse things obvs  



Lorne just personally invited me to his club Caritas tonight for a Whedony Karaoke party. I wonder if Julie Benz, Amy Acker or J. August Richards will perform?

Tonight. Take a break from patrolling.

Man, I get social anxiety when I think about going to cons, but this would be my jaaaaaaaaaaam.

August 30, 2014



bisexual means you can only like 2 things i’ve chosen drinking and wizards

cats and potato chips

Bo and ice cream.

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